Your Friendly Neighborhood… Skunk?

It’s a common occurrence every day. You walk out early in the morning, look down at your beautiful lawn, and discover you have an uninvited guest. This guest is not the flirtatious silver tongued character that we all grew up with, this is your normal average everyday skunk. Your first instinct may be to call an exterminator to “get rid” of it. The truth is they are far more helpful than you think, so Chicago skunk removalĀ is key.

Skunk Babies[1]

Skunks are very flexible creatures, and we’re not only talking about their bodies. They have a diverse diet and immunities that assist the ecosystem and actually end up protecting us. As far as their diet goes, they can, and do, eat just about anything from bugs, to snakes, to garbage. One thing is consistent though, they tend to stay within 2 miles of their nearest water source. So if you fit within that area, then that is where your first problem is first problem is.

Moving is definitely an extreme option, and absolutely not necessary, but there are steps you can take to make the skunks living situation less inhabitable. First if you have any pets be sure to not leave any food outside for the skunk to eat. This is a big danger to you, your family, and your pets. Skunks are known to carry rabies which can be deadly if not treated quickly and properly. If you take away its main food source, you’re already one step ahead of the game. As stated before skunks have a versatile diet. So making sure your trash cans are sealed properly and your home area is clean is your second step, so they do not have a nightly feast.


If the problem continues to persist, or you feel the animal may in fact carry rabies, then it’s time to get professional help, but do not, and we repeat DO NOT, contact an exterminator that does not have a humane option. While it’s understandable you want to protect your family from potential harm, the skunk is there for a purpose. So it’s best to let professionals take care of the skunk with kind gloves.

Gone are the days where we have to fear such small creatures like the skunk. In fact skunks are so common in the United States many people are allowed to keep them as pets if they are adopted from proper rescue shelters. There, they take the steps necessary to make sure that you do not end up in a stinky situation. So embrace these little ones into your neighborhood, but be sure to keep your distance, just in case.